HMG plans, manages, and executes the most effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns for both large and small businesses. We work exclusively with local businesses across the USA that need effective and affordable PPC management. When combined with our SEO services, our Google PPC campaigns can quickly become the most successful part of your digital marketing strategy.

Our Paid Ad campaigns begin with a conversation and end with conversions. Before the campaign kicks off, we have detailed discussions with the business owner to identify keywords they would like to target in their PPC campaign. For business owners, these keywords may be geo-specific to the area they offer services in. For those with a nationwide reach, geo-specific keywords may not be necessary. All of this is discussed and determined in our PPC pre-launch meeting, where we will discuss keywords, desktop, and mobile ad campaings. Once those details are worked out, and a budget is in place, the magic begins, and our campaigns will drive traffic to your website that will convert into customers.

We have helped businesses 10x their monthly PPC spend, and we are a leading provider of PPC marketing. We have an uncanny knack for identifying weaknesses in the PPC market and exploiting them for our clients. Through competition analysis and a deep understanding of PPC campaigns being we can quickly find out where the opportunities exist and help our clients win with a successful PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click campaigns run in your market as they do everywhere else in the country. On behalf of our clients, we bid on competitive keywords, and when those ads get clicked, we get charged. When a user searches Google for a specific product or service, the Google algorithm serves up paid ads. On most search results pages, there could be as many as ten paid ads displayed at a time. When an ad is clicked, the user is redirected to a landing page, and the business is charged for that click. Several factors determine the way Google displays the ads. It starts with the relevance and quality of the keywords and the number of bids on those particular keywords. These factors are all going to play a role in how much exposure you can obtain with a paid ad campaign.

Google PPC campaigns are right for every business. The question you should be asking is are you working with the right digital marketing agency? There are strategic advantages to being a top PPC provider, and we use these advantages to make sure the right businesses are being found in Google when people are searching for them. You can throw money at a campaign all you want, but if it’s not managed correctly, people won’t be finding your business through Google search. PPC is right for your business; make sure you have the right team managing your campaign.

Is Google Pay Per Click

Right For Your Business?