HMG’s SMS/Texting platform is built with growth in mind; whether you want to nurture your revenue, customer satisfaction, or employee relationships. First, HMG offers you the easiest texting platform to start with. But HMG goes beyond just contact collection and mass blasting. HMG is built to create personalized interactions with your contacts, all automatically. Moreover, instead of one-size-fits-all interactions,  HMG allows you to create completely custom-tailored workflows that can build life-long relationship with your subscribers.

Get Started Easily

HMG offers the most sophisticated set of SMS features, and it all starts with the basics.  Get started easily with SMS Keywords, Mass Texting and Appointment Reminders.

Once Your Automate, You Wont’ Go Back

As your project grown and you no longer have the time to manually carry out every messaging project, HMG’s advanced tools are just what you need.


Powerful technology is nothing without powerful service to go with it.  Our Team and account managers are here to help you grow form your initial use to a comprehensive automated SMS  marketing strategy.